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  • Senior Scientist or Advanced Clinician Scientist (100%)

    The position is open at Division of Endocrinology of the Section of Medicine of the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, to study the molecular mechanisms of sex development in humans (

    Beginning : April, 01, 2022
    Duration : 3-4 years
    Location: Université de Fribourg
    Working time: 100%



    The main objective of our work is the elucidation of the molecular basis of human sex development to better define phenotypes and therapies of its complex defects.


    1. Gain new insights in sex differentiation in humans.
    2. Create new models for understanding mechanism of disease.

    Technically, the focus of the work will be to

    a) create human male and female gonadal cells from inducible pluripotent stem cells directly from patients affected by differences of sex development to study the mechanisms that lead to disease.

    b) use the fruit fly drosophila melanogaster as an animal model to study the functional consequences of unknown variants found in patients with differences of sex development.

    We will also employ standard cell and molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, exome and RNA-sequencing, CRISP-Cas9 gene editing and mass spectrometry techniques. Bioinformatic analysis of next generation sequencing data and 3D-modeling is also one of our expertise.

    Your profile

    • A PhD, MD or equivalent degree(s) are required.
    • Knowledge and experience in molecular and cell biology are mandatory. Knowledge and/or prior experience in stem cells, cell therapy and/or gene engineering are a plus.
    • Knowledge and/or prior experience in Drosophila melanogaster handling is desirable.
    • Knowledge of the German or the French language is of advantage
    • Successful candidates will be independent, creative and enthusiastic researchers, capable of working efficiently in an international team of other postdoctoral fellows and PhD students. Outstanding laboratory capabilities and strong organizational skills to support Bachelor, Master and PhD students as well as Post Docs are expected.
    • Candidates have to present a successful academic track record

    We look forward to receiving your application with the following documents

    • Cover letter with statement of interest
    • CV
    • If applicable: brief summary on the envisioned independent research
    • Diplomas and course transcripts
    • Contact details of three referees


    Anna Lauber-Biason, M.D.
    Chair of Endocrinology
    University of Fribourg
    Section of Medicine, Faculty of Science and Medicine
    Chemin du Musée 5
    1700 Fribourg


    The University of Fribourg is Switzerland’s only bilingual university, offering a full academic curriculum both in French and German. A number of Master programmes are taught in English and the University offers a wide range of opportunities for PhD and doctoral studies as well as international Exchange and Summer School Programmes.

    The University of Fribourg places scientific research that is closely linked to academic teaching at the heart of its activities. With an array of centres of scientific excellence as well as research programmes across the entire disciplinary spectrum, we aim to extend the frontiers of scientific knowledge to help solve mankind’s current and future challenges.

  • Doktorassistent*in (80-100%)


    • Möglichkeit von job-sharing in 2 x 40-50
    • Anstellung von 2 Jahren mit Möglichkeit der Verlängerung
    • Die Stelle wird bevorzugt an eine Person vergeben, die eine akademische Karriere im Bereich Anatomie anstrebt



    • Teilnahme an praktischen Kursen der makroskopischen Anatomie und der Histologie
    • Supervision von Forschungsprojekten von Bachelor und Master Studierenden
    • Entwickeln eines eigenen Forschungsprogramms
    • Verfassen der Habilitationsschrift



    • Abgeschlossenes Humanmedizinstudium
    • Doktorat (MD oder PhD)
    • Erfahrung im Unterrichten von Anatomie und/oder Histologie auf Universitätsstufe
    • Erfahrung im wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten im Bereich Zellbiologie, Immunologie oder klinische Anatomie
    • Ausgezeichnete Kenntnisse von Deutsch und/oder Französisch ist erforderlich, wie auch gute Kenntnisse von Englisch


    Sprachliche Anforderungen.

    Französisch und/oder Deutsch
    mit sehr guten Kenntnissen der anderen Sprache


    01.01.2022 oder nach Vereinbarung

    Prof. Luis Filgueira
    T: +41 26 300 84 41


    Universität Freiburg
    Medizin Sektion
    Prof. Luis Filgueira
    Albert Gockel 1
    1700 Freiburg