Becoming a PhD Student in Computer Science

Those who already have (or will soon complete) a Master's degree in Computer Science and who want to further their education by working on a specific research project are encouraged to enrol in the PhD program.

Finding a supervisor

If you are interested in applying for the PhD programme, you must begin by finding a supervisor. This person must be a lecturer in our Department. We encourage you to consult the list of Staff currently working in our department in order to find a good potential supervisor.

Your supervisor is the person who will assist and guide you throughout your doctoral studies. Be sure to find somebody whose field of specialisation coincides with your personal research interests. Information of our professors and lecturers' areas of specialisation can be found on the Research Groups pages.

Once you have determined a good potential supervisor, you should get in touch with them directly. You will only be able to enrol in the PhD programme if a member of staff has formally accepted to be your supervisor. You will have a much better chance of receiving a positive reply if you do not just send them a generic email. Explain your interests and the reasons you would like to work with them specifically!

Next steps and formal requirements

The next steps should be discussed and determined in collaboration with your future supervisor.

Note that you will have to fulfil all the conditions set out in the PhD requirements before your title is awarded. You can find additional information on this topic on the websites of the Faculty of Science and Medicine and the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences.

In all other matters, we refer to Doctoral regulations (pdf) of the Faculty of Science and Medicine.