The Master in Business Informatics

The Master in Business Informatics (MSc) requires 90 ECTS credits, and is made up of courses (at least 45 ECTS), an internship (18 ECTS) and a Master's thesis (27 ECTS). The degree usually takes 3-4 semesters to complete with a maximum duration of 8 semesters, which permits a part time completion - for details see the reglement Art. 7. While some courses are taught in German or French, most courses are taught in English so students who speak English, but not German or French, can complete the Master's program without worrying about language barriers.

An overview of the Master in Business Informatics can be found on the website of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences. You can also consult information about a minor in Business Informatics.


The Master in Business Informatics requires at least 45 ECTS credits. Students can choose the courses they want to take, but must adhere to the following rules:

  • At least 22 ECTS credits must be earned from courses in business informatics
  • At least 8 ECTS credits must be earned from courses in computer science or business informatics
  • Not more than 15 ECTS credits can be earned from courses in business administration.

The courses available in information management, computer science and business administration are updated by the respective faculties each semester. Course plans can be found on the corresponding websites, and lectures are described in detail in the course catalog.

Master's thesis

Each student writes a research-based Master's thesis, supervised by a professor in the Department of Informatics, in their chosen area of specialisation.


Each student must also do an internship in business informatics in a company or institution. Detailed information can be found by following the Internship link below.


Part of the MSc programme is an internship.


Minor in Business Informatics

Information for those who follow the Minor in Business Informatics.