Information for Current PhD Students

As a PhD student at the DIUF you are enrolled in either the PhD programme in Computer Science (Faculty of Science and Medicine) or the PhD programme in Information Management (Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences). In both cases, you are conducting original scientific research in the corresponding subject area. Since the regulations for a PhD differ in the two faculties, please follow the links below for further information concerning the specific PhD program in which you are enrolled.

The points below highlight some general information that is common to both PhD programmes offered by the DIUF:

  • the duration of your PhD project is approximately 4-5 years. In cases where you can only work part-time on your research project, the duration can be extended, but please inform your supervisor as early as possible.
  • the PhD requires original research conducted by you. Results that are not yours must be indicated very clearly in the PhD thesis. To avoid problems at the end, you should document all external sources right from the start of your research project.
  • your PhD project ends with the writing of a PhD thesis. Its size varies depending on the subdiscipline you are working in. Besides your own results, an important part of your thesis are the refences in which you immaculately list all external sources you used.
  • in case of any irresolvable disagreements between you and your supervisor, please contact the appropriate student advisor.