Business Informatics

Business informatics is an inter-disciplinary field located between business administration/management and computer science. In addition it provides specific methods, for example for aligning business strategies with technical information processing. Graduates in business informatics dispose of profound knowledge of technical methods such as programming, software engineering, databases, the design of software architectures and systems and machine learning as well as sound skills in business administration, mathematics and statistics. Furthermore, they are proficient in conceptual modeling, the analysis and simulation of business processes and their implementation in software systems. A main task of business informatics professionals is the digitalization of organizations, i.e. the alignment of business requirements and technical solutions for generating added value for customers, enterprises, employees, and the public administration.


  • Why business informatics

    There is a continuous strong demand for professionals in business informatics and it is expected that there will be a shortage of these skills in the future. Graduates in business informatics design future solutions for industry, the public administration, the service sector, and in research. Thus, business informatics graduates are optimally equipped for starting a successful career.

  • University of Fribourg: A good choice
    • Excellent supervisory relationships due to small groups
    • Multi-lingual academic education: Courses in the bachelor are in French and English or in French/German and English, exams can be taken in French or German
    • High practical relevance due to industry cooperations and internships
    • Top-qualified researchers with international experience as teachers
    • University education as a foundation for self-organization and preparation for management positions

Awarded Degrees

Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Master of Science (MSc)


Course languages

  • French and English or
  • German/French and English
    Exams in German or French


Structure of the Programs

Bachelor 180 ECTS, 6 semester full-time

Master 90 ECTS, 3 semester full-time


Start of program

September / February