Many exciting and renowned personalities from theology and the church have confirmed their participation in the study days. You can find a list of all contributors here.

Keynote Speakers

PROF. DR HEINRICH BEDFORD-STROHM is Chairman of the World Council of Churches. He was previously Chairman of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany and Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bayern.

PROF. DR PETER BOUTENEFF is Professor of Systematic Theology and Sacred Art at St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary in New York, USA. He has been active in theological dialog for many years, initially in the World Council of Churches. He is the founding director of the Institute of Sacred Arts.

TOM HOLLAND is a British writer and historian. He is the author of several bestsellers, including his book "Dominion: The Making of the Western Mind", which examines the Christian heritage of the Western world. He has published several documentaries (e.g. "Islam: The Untold Story") and radio programs with the BBC. He also runs "The Rest Is History", probably the most successful history podcast in the world.

PROF. DR. RALPH KUNZ is Professor of Practical Theology with a focus on church services and pastoral care at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Zurich. He was previously a pastor in Seuzach and a staff of the Evangelical Reformed Church of the Canton of Zurich. He also heads the Center for Practical Theological Spirituality Research (CASCS).

ESTHER MARIA MAGNIS is a religious scholar and writer. Her autobiographical critique of society, the church and religion, "Gott braucht dich nicht" (God doesn't need you), made her widely known in German-speaking countries. "Not since Nietzsche have I known anyone who has shown so harrowingly what a catastrophe it is not to believe in God." (Robert Spaemann, our own translation)

PROF. DR. GUDRUN NASSAUER is Professor of Exegesis and Theology of the New Testament at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Fribourg. Her research interests include the religious experience of Paul and his addressees.

PROF. DR. BENJAMIN SCHLIESSER is Professor of Literature and Theology of the New Testament at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Bern. Together with Prof. Dr Jan Rüggemeier, he heads the "Ecclesiae" project, which deals with the fascinating survival and spread of Christianity in antiquity.

PD DR. CHRISTINE SCHLIESSER is a private lecturer in Systematic Theology at the University of Zurich and Director of Studies at the Center for Faith & Society at the University of Fribourg. She is also a Research Fellow in "Historical Trauma and Transformation" at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa.

PROF. Dr. des. CORINNA SCHUBERT is Professor of Systematic Theology and Aesthetic Practice at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Ludwigsburg and pastor of the Evangelical Church of Württemberg. She has lectured on the subject of "Faith and Emotion" and is involved in the subject of "Milieu-sensitive Communication of the Gospel". She has also set up her own business in the field of "Visual Facilitation". She shares insights into her sketchnotes, graphic recordings and explanatory videos on her blog under the motto "Sag's mit Bild" (www.corinna-schubert.de).

THE RT REVD DR. GRAHAM TOMLIN is Founding Director of the Centre for Cultural Witness at Lambeth Palace in London and President of St Mellitus College in London. He previously taught Reformation and Contemporary Mission and Culture in the Faculty of Theology at the University of Oxford and was Bishop of Kensington.

MICHAEL TRIEGEL is one of the most successful German painters of our time. The complex examination of the ancient-mythological and Christian-historical heritage is perceived as characteristic of his art. Among his many award-winning works is the portrait "Pope Benedict XVI".

Further Speakers

Bishop emeritus Dr Hans-Jürgen Abromeit
Bishop emeritus in the Mecklenburg and Pommern diocese, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Northern Germany

Prof. Dr Barnabas Aspray
Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology, St. Mary's Semiary & University, Baltimore, USA

Pfrn. Dr Silvianne Aspray
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Cambridge

Andi Bachmann-Roth
General Secretary of the Swiss Evangelical Alliance (SEA)

Prof. Dr Bernhard Blankenhorn OP
Professor of Dogmatics, University of Fribourg

Prof. Dr Christophe Chalamet
Professor of Systematic Theology, University of Geneva

Timo Andreas Doetsch
PhD student at the Faculty of Theology, University of Fribourg

Manuel Dürr
Painter and Creative Director at Schwarzfalter GmbH

Dr. Oliver Dürr
Research Associate, Center for Faith & Society and Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Zurich

Dr. Thomas Eggenberg
President of BewegungPlus Switzerland and Pastor of BewegungPlus Bern

Prof. Dr Gregor Emmenegger
Professor of Patristics and Church History, University of Fribourg

Abbot Dr Urban Federer OSB
Benedictine Abbot of Einsiedeln Abbey and member of the Swiss Bishops' Conference (SBK)

Jeff Fountain
Director of the Schuman Center for European Studies, Author and Convenor, State of Europe Forum

Julia Garschagen
Theologian and Director of Pontes Institute for Science, Culture and Faith, Cologne/Bern

Michael Girgis
Theologian and former Rector of IGW International

Mirjam Grauli
Regional Manager Zurich and Rapperswil, VBG

Prof. Dr Barbara Hallensleben
Professor of Dogmatics, University of Fribourg

Dr Johannes Hartl
Theologian, author and founder of the Augsburg House of Prayer

Dr Julia Henke
Managing Director of Life in Abundance Europe and Rings of Hope

Benjamin Imobersteg
Regional Director Basel and Bern, CAMPUS live, Campus for Christ

Dr Elio Jaillet
Commissioner for Theology and Ethics, Swiss Protestant Reformed Church (EKS)

Marc Jost
National Councillor and former pastor

Dr Stephan Jütte
Head of Theology and Ethics, Swiss Protestant Reformed Church (EKS)

Wolf Ruben Kammerer
Doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Theology, University of Zurich

Prof. em. Dr John Lennox
Emeritus Professor and Author, University of Oxford

Dr Nicolas Matter
Assistant at the Chair of Fundamental Theology, Faculty of Theology, University of Fribourg and research associate at the Center for Faith & Society

Dr. Matthias Michel
Council of States of the Canton of Zug

Marco Muntwyler
Head of Alphalive Switzerland, Campus für Christus

Prof. Dr Joachim Negel
Professor of Fundamental Theology, University of Fribourg

Eric Nussbaumer
National Councillor, SP and President of the National Council 2023/2024

Andy Owen
Senior pastor of Zollhaus Church

Bruno Roche
Former Chief Economist at Mars Inc. and Founding Director of Economics of Mutuality

Dr Manuel Schmid
Co-Head of reflab.ch, Reformed Church of the Canton of Zurich

Prof. Dr Thomas Schumacher
Professor of New Testament, University of Fribourg

Prof. Dr Stefan Schweyer
Professor of Practical Theology, STH Basel

Joel Spirgi
Head of ICF Movement

Prof. Dr Michel Steinmetz
Professor of Practical Theology, University of Fribourg

Dr Martin Stoessel
Coordinator of church-focused projects in Switzerland and abroad, Campus für Christus

Rachel Stoessel
Member of the Executive Board, Campus für Christus

Prof. em. Dr Guido Vergauwen OP
Emeritus Professor of Fundamental Theology, University of Fribourg

Markus Weimer
Dean of the Protestant Church District of Constance and doctoral student at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Zurich

Micha Weiss
Theologian and vicar in the Reformed Church of Neuchâtel

Prof. em. Dr Matthias Zeindler
Professor Emeritus of Dogmatics, University of Bern and Head of Theology, Reformed Churches of Bern-Jura-Solothurn

Andreas Zindel
Head of GAiN Switzerland, Campus für Christus

Gabriela Zindel
Employee Agape International, Campus für Christus