Moment mal

Weekly column in the Freiburger Nachrichten newspaper

As the Center for Faith & Society, we are responsible for the new column "Moment mal" (Just a Moment), which will appear every Saturday in the Freiburger Nachrichten starting in January 2022. "Saturday, the day before Sunday, is a good opportunity to pause and think, "Wait a minute, how do I need to understand this?" Or, "What was that again?"". With these words, our new column was launched in the Freiburger Nachrichten on January 8, 2022.


In terms of content, we want to ensure a common thread in the columns by understanding the topics as positive provocations with a theological underpinning in the sense of a spiritual stimulus for the weekend. The columns end with an open question that stimulates further reflection and is aimed at the broad readership of the daily newspaper. Finally, we would also like to take a little inspiration from the liturgical year.


The authors' team is made up of people with a local connection, i.e. who are either working at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Fribourg or in the Church. The team is coordinated on behalf of the Center Faith & Society by PD Dr. David Neuhold.

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