Center Faith & Society

The Center Faith & Society builds bridges between academic theology, the different expressions of Christian spirituality and the practice of the Church and social life.

New Podcast Series

"War and Peace" is the latest podcast series on our YouTube channel, "Glaube & Gesellschaft im Gespräch"

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Documentary film: Der letzte Ketzer

From the 10th of July 2022 the film "The last heretic - The case Jakob Schmidli 1747" plays in the cinema Bourbaki in Lucerne.

You can find the trailer and more information about the film here

Media Platform G&G

The media platform "Faith & Society" is launching a second YouTube channel "umdɘnkbar." You will find all published contributions on our website as well as the two YouTube channels.



The Center Faith & Society is responsible for the "Faith and Society" (G&G) book series. These books are only available in German.

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