CAS: Conflict Advisor

Educate yourself in conflict transformation and the promotion of peace!

This continuing education course is a “Certificate of Advanced Studies” (CAS) which:

  • transmits praxis-oriented methods for processing conflicts
  • develops peace promoting resources from religion and society
  • offers reflection for self-management and values-based action
  • charts the way toward a biblical-theological contribution to a culture of peace


This is a continuing education course with an ecumenical foundation – Catholics, Reformed, and Mennonites working together. This course is a cooperation between the educational center Bienenberg and the theological faculty of the University of Freiburg which authorizes and oversees the course as well as awards the academic degree.

Course leadership is currently presided over by Prof. Dr. Dr. Mariano Delgado, professor at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Freiburg.

For questions, interest and registrations please contact us directly:

Dr. Marcus Weiand
Bildungszentrum Bienenberg
Bienenbergstrasse 85a
CH-4410 Liestal

 +41 (0)61 906 78 11