History of the Center Faith & Society

The Center Faith & Society results from an interdenominational discussion process on the urgency of a productive interaction between the academy, institutional church life, local community life, and lived spirituality.

In keeping with the ecumenical orientation of the Institute for Ecumenical Studies (ISO) and the Faculty of Theology at the University of Fribourg as a whole, thought was given from 2012 onwards to a conference that would give expression both to the interdenominational spirit of the faculty and to the fruitful interaction of academy and congregational life.

The internationally renowned theologian N.T. Wright was subsequently won over for the first "Study Days on Theological and Social Renewal" in 2014. The initial idea turned into a comprehensive project held at the University of Fribourg from 10-13 June 2014, which received a broad and very positive response. Parallel to the preparation of the "study days", the legal statute was signed by the Rectorate in spring 2014 so that the public launch could take place within the framework of this first event. Thus the Center for Faith & Society (then: "Study Center for Faith & Society"), affiliated to the Institute for Ecumenical Studies, was founded at the Faculty of Theology.

Since then, the study days have been held annually, and the Center has actively fulfilled its fundamental mission in various ways and continuously expanded its activities.

Image : Speech by Prof. Dr. Barbara Hallensleben at the launch of the Center for Faith & Society