Our vision

The Center for Faith & Society builds bridges between academic theology, various expressions of Christian spirituality in congregational practice, and social and cultural life.

It works with particular attention to theologically relevant contributions of ecclesial communities and movements that see themselves as renewing the Christian witness in the context of today's world. In particular, the Centre promotes a theology that relates to the proclamation of God's kingdom and elaborates its meaning for all areas of life. Within this framework, the Centre is committed to interdisciplinary, interdenominational reflection and in-depth research concerning ecclesial and social renewal.

"Faith" as the overall orientation of life, together with theological reflection and with appreciative acceptance of the experiences and expectations of society, thus enters into the service of a responsible Christian way of life in today's world.

The Center for Faith & Society promotes creative theological work and research, which are characterised ...

  • by a deepening appropriation of the Holy Scriptures in confrontation with different hermeneutical approaches,
  • through reflected rootedness in community, worship and spiritual practice as essential sources of theological insight,
  • through critically constructive reception of Christian tradition(s) and the promotion of encounter and exchange of contemporary Christian witness in the service of reconciliation, 
  • through critical and constructive engagement with the methodological presuppositions of modernity, postmodernity and the social transformations of the present (reading the signs of the times),
  • and as contributions to ecclesial and social renewal.