Climate Justice and Ethics

Spezialisiert / Akademisch Seminar
08.03.2021 18:15

CCCA working group "Climate Justice" is very excited to hold the first round of Climate Change Centre Austria climate justice meetings and hopes you can join and/or spread the word to those who might be interested.

These will take place online every second Monday in the early evening Austrian time 18.15 European Time/17.15 United Kingdom Time/12.15 New York Time. Some sessions will have readings precirculated but feel free to join regardless of whether you have preread. Please sign up below; this is the way to both join and to get the precirculated readings

Wann? 08.03.2021 18:15
Online It is nessary to register to get the link and the prereadings.
Vortragende Dominic Roser, Senior researcher and lecturer at the University of Fribourg
Kontakt Climate Change Centre Austria, CCCA working group "Climate Justice"
Dominic Roser

To register, please fill in the form. You'll get the link for the online seminar and the prereadings.


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