Emmanuelle Lüthi

Master en biologie médicale, Unil


Emmanuelle Lüthi, MSc, is a scientific collaborator at the Institute of Family Medicine of the University of Fribourg since 2018. She holds an MSc in medical biology from the University of Lausanne. She boosted her training with a 3-weeks intensive summer program in epidemiology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. She participates to scientific research on integrative medicine and complementary medicine and works on projects related to the prevention on sexual harassment and sexism toward medical students. She is a member of the steering committee of the Swiss gender health network, acting to further integrate gender in medical curriculum. Additionally, she also jointed the Green Faculty, a network of the Faculty of sciences and medicine at University of Fribourg, which act to reduce environmental impact year after year through tangible measures in teaching, research, administration and campus life.