Matúš Medo

Complex networks, complex systems, statistical physics


Data scientist at the Department of Clinical Research, University of Bern. Lecturer at the Department of Physics, University of Fribourg. Research fellow at the Institute of Fundamental and Frontier Sciences, UESTC Chengdu. Research interests: complex networks, information filtering, data analysis.

Research and publications

  • Recent publications

    Randomizing growing networks with a time-respecting null model
    Zhuo-Ming Ren, Manuel Sebastian Mariani, Yi-Cheng Zhang, and Matúš Medo
    Phys. Rev. E 97, 052311, 2018

    Ranking in evolving complex networks
    H. Liao, M. S. Mariani, M. Medo, Y.-C. Zhang, M.-Y. Zhou
    Physics Reports 689, 1-54, 2017

    Quantifying and suppressing ranking bias in a large citation network
    G. Vaccario, M. Medo, N. Wider, M. S. Mariani
    Journal of Informetrics 11, 766-782, 2017

    The essential role of time in network-based recommendation
    A. Vidmer, M. Medo
    EPL 116, 30007, 2016

    Spatial firm competition in two dimensions with linear transportation costs: simulations and analytical results
    A. Roncoroni, M. Medo
    European Physical Journal B 89, 270, 2016

    Identification of milestone papers through time-balanced network centrality
    M. S. Mariani, M. Medo, Y.-C. Zhang
    Journal of Informetrics 10, 1207, 2016

    Model-based evaluation of scientific impact indicators
    M. Medo, G. Cimini
    Physical Review E 94, 032312, 2016

    Identification and modeling of discoverers in online social systems
    M. Medo, M. S. Mariani, A. Zeng, Y.-C. Zhang
    Scientific Reports 6, 34218, 2016

    Network-based recommendation algorithms: A review
    F. Yu, A. Zeng, S. Gillard, M. Medo
    Physica A 452, 192, 201

Teaching and courses

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