Study Mathematics in Fribourg

Mathematics is one of the oldest scientific disciplines and yet remains extremely relevant today. Digitalisation and modern technology would be inconceivable without all the mathematical advances that have been achieved since antiquity. Mathematics is timeless; insights from the last centuries, as well as current research results, will retain their validity in future.

  • Why study Mathematics?

    Mathematics is more than knowledge, it is a way of thinking and the ability to solve difficult abstract problems. Not only logical thinking is required, but also imagination and creativity. These skills are developed during the study of mathematics and can be used in various ways after graduation. The acquired understanding and the taught methodology find application in fields such as natural sciences, medicine, engineering and computer science.

  • Prospects after a Bachelor or a Master in Mathematics

    As a mathematician, you have very good and diverse career opportunities. The analytical skills and structured approach to problems developed during your studies enable you to quickly become familiar with a wide variety of complex tasks. The chances of finding a job have been good for years. Graduates of the mathematics programme in Fribourg today work in industry, the healthcare or financial sector, in start-ups and in computer science, for insurance companies, federal offices, as well as at high schools, colleges and universities.

    With a Bachelor's degree in mathematics from the University of Fribourg, you are eligible for a Master's programme in mathematics at any Swiss university. Master's programmes in related fields such as statistics, data science or bioinformatics can also be pursued.

  • Reasons to choose Fribourg
    • Familial athmosphere: Excellent supervision conditions due to small groups.
    • Multi-lingual academic education: Courses are in French, German or English (at Master's level), choice of examination language (French, German or English).
    • Taylored study plan: Combine mathematics with any other subject offered at UniFr.
    • Flexible scheduling: We offer several exam sessions per year.
    • High-level education: Top-qualified researchers with international experience as lecturers.
    • Compatible with teaching diploma: At UniFr, students can also obtain a teaching diploma for high schools in addition to their master's degree in mathematics.
Bachelor Mathematics
Minor Mathematics
Master Mathematics

Degree Conferred
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Mathematics
Master of Science (MSc) in Mathematics

Languages of Study
French and German (Bachelor)
French, German and English (Master)
Choice of language in exams

Programme Structure
Bachelor 180 ECTS, 6 semesters full-time
Master 90 ECTS, 3 semester full-time

Programme Start
Bachelor: September
Master: September / February

Preparatory course in mathematics
Beginning of September

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