Minor Mathematics +30

The Minor Matheamatics +30 is intended for students who aim to complete the secondary level II teaching diploma. In order to be admitted to this minor, the students must have completed the Mathematics 60 ECTS minor at Bachelor-level.

Students can choose between Module A and Module B, while Module C is mandatory. If any of the teaching units are included in another study program, two of the four courses from modules A and B are chosen. If three of these four teaching units have already been taken, the remaining one is chosen and module A is completed by a lecture SMA.03xxx (6 ECTS) with a written paper (SMA.03809, 1 ECTS).

  • Module A

    Courses (14 ECTS):

    • SMA.02131 Analysis III (7 ECTS)
    • SMA.02132 Analysis IV (7 ECTS)
  • Module B

    Courses (14 ECTS):

    • SMA.02231 Algebra and Geometry I (7 ECTS)
    • SMA.02232 Algebra and Geometry II (7 ECTS)
  • Module C

    Courses (16 ECTS):

    • SMA.03xxx or SMA.04xxx 2 Courses (6 + 6 ECTS) 
    • SMA.038xx Seminar (or Proseminar) (3 ECTS)
    • SMA.03811 Written work (1 ECTS)
Study PlanStudy plan of the Minor +30 in Mathematics (French)Study plan of the Minor +30 in Mathematics (German)