Non-Smooth Geometry

The group is specialized in some topics in Differential Geometry that go beyond classical Riemannian Geometry. In particular, we study SubRiemannian Geometry, Geometric Measure Theory and Analysis on metric spaces with methods of Lie groups, Metric Geometry, and Lipschitz Analysis. We are also interested in Geometric Group Theory, Asymptotic Geometry, Geometric Mapping Theory, Embedding problems, and Optimal Control.

In the last 25 years there has been a surge of interest in the geometry of non-smooth spaces and in their corresponding analysis. This movement arose from the interaction between active areas of mathematics concerning the theory of analysis on metric spaces along with geometric group theory, rigidity, and quasi-conformal homeomorphisms. One of the purposes was to study mappings between non-Riemannian metric structures such as boundaries of hyperbolic groups and Carnot groups, equipped with their subRiemannian metrics. The subject has an obvious interdisciplinary character, with connections in various areas of mathematics, such as control theory, harmonic and complex analysis, asymptotic geometry, subelliptic PDE's, and geometric group theory.