Collegium Emmaus

Coordinated by the Center for Faith & Society

Who we are

The Collegium Emmaus is a community of theological researchers who are committed to an in-depth collaboration on a research programme as friends from various ecclesial backgrounds.

The community wishes to model and encourage a renewed kind of academic culture: dialogical, ecumenical, communal. We believe that theology is fruitfully done in the interplay between academic, ecclesial and social perspectives; therefore, members of the Collegium are engaged in dialogue with partners from academia, the church, and the wider society.

Beyond their research, they are open to participating, where possible, in activities and events that foster the renewal of the church and serve the common good.

We are a voluntary association of researchers, both professors and doctoral/post-doctoral researchers, from Switzerland and beyond.

Our aims

  1. Fostering a theological learning community that is intellectually stimulating and spiritually sustaining.
  2. Wholistically forming people for future leadership in church and society.
  3. Conducting theological research (and teaching) that serves the renewal of the church and society.