Scanning Electron Microscopes

Thermo Fischer SEM FEIXL30SFEG upgraded to remX Microscope Control

  • Schottky Field Emission Electron Gun with electron optics working at acceleration voltages from 200eV to 30KeV (beam deceleration). Image resolution 2nm at 30KeV.

  • Five axis 50x50mm automated stage x y z r t

  • Image Acquisition:
    Live option 15 images/sec. at 512x512 pixels, Maximum image format at 16384x16384 pixels Oversampling rate from 1-32000 times

  • Secondary electron detector (SE), through the lens secondary electron detector (TLD) 1 Centaurus scintillation type backscattered detector (BSE), one 4-quadrants semiconductor backscattered detector, cathodoluminescence detector (CL), Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM) option with sample holder for 15 TEM grids.

  • Oxford EDX and EBSD microanalysis system AZTec Advanced with a EDS Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) X-MAX 150mm2 with 127eV energy resolution, EBSD HKL Advanced with a Nordlys camera and forescatter detector with 4 diodes.

  • REMX microscope control software on Windows 10 platform, DISS5 3D Image Analysis software, Oxford AZTEC advanced software package for EDS and EBSD acquisition and analysis, Channel 5 EBSD analysis software. Oxford Feature Particle Analysis software for automated particle analysis mentioned for morphology and chemical composition.


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