Environmental Mineralogy (Aerosol) Lab

The Aerosol lab is equipped with active and passive aerosol collectors and on-line particle sizers.

  • TSL OPS 3330:?Portable opticle particle sizer (0.3 -15microns) for time resolved particle size distributions??- Mini Disk?Portable counter for time resolved nanoparticle concentration (0 -0.6 micron)
  • TEM particle collector:?Corrosion resistant electrostatic particle sampler, particles (0-800nm) are directly deposited on a TEM grid. Prototype built by M. Fierz Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz
  • PM10 collectors:?5 homebuilt PM10 samplers (pump plus impactor) with timer
  • Multi-sample PM10 collector:?Collector with multi-impactor head and 7 individually programmable sample slots
  • Sigma-2 collectors: 5 passive particle collectors
  • Gillibrator?Gas flow calibration


Christoph Neururer

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Office 3.311
Chemin du Musée 6
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