Fall Innosuisse Business Concept Training is Open

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Are you looking to opportunities to bring your idea to the market and create impact? Are you inspired to embrace the exhilarating career of creating or working for a start-up? In hands-on Business Concept training powered by Swiss Innovation Agency, you will be pushed to go out of your comfort zone, to learn how to shape an idea into real business and get connected to their vast community of entrepreneurs, trainers, coaches and mentors.

Join their free evening classes end of Se across Western Switzerland: in Lausanne, Geneva, Yverdon, Fribourg and Sion.

● Learn to shape a venture idea into a viable business
● Improve your business skills
● Build a strong network with entrepreneurs, company executives & investors
● Boost your career path as entrepreneur or innovator within a company

● One evening per week, from 17h15 to 21h15
● Start end of September to beginning of December

Competitive admission. Certificate upon successful completion of the program

Quand? 15.06.2023
Contact EPFL Innovation Park - Confédération Suisse
Innosuisse - Swiss Innovation Agency

Apply here until June 15th


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