Survey "How are you" 2022

Following the positive repercussions of the 2020 and 2021 editions, the "How are you?" project has been reconducted for a third edition. The survey took place from November 9 to 30, 2022 and was conducted online by 1892 students, i.e. all new students enrolled at Unifr in the fall semester 2022/2023 in a Bachelor, Master, DEEM and Doctorate program.


The purpose of this survey is to create a connection with newly matriculated students, to inquire about their adaptation to Unifr and to inform them of the offers and support services available on campus. The data collected allows Uni-Social to identify any difficulties that new students may face and to get involved in order to remedy them.

Some figures

Within the framework of this survey, 612 new Unifr students (32%), i.e. nearly a third of the students, expressed their questions, their doubts and the difficulties they encountered during their first weeks of study.


are satisfied with the start of the semester

  • 91% of students are satisfied with the way their first semester of study at Unifr is going
  • 69% of students feel that they have effective working methods
  • 44% of students are aware of Unifr's new learning strategies portal
  • 31% of students report doubts about their choice of studies
  • 54% of students report questions or concerns about the organization and planning of their studies
  • 55% of students report difficulties in concentrating and memorizing


report concentration problems


mention a precarious financial situation

  • 47% of students have difficulty managing stress
  • 49% of students work in parallel with their studies, nearly half of them working at a rate of less than 20% (48%)
  • 28% of students evaluate their financial situation as rather precarious
  • 12% of students finance their studies mainly through gainful employment
  • 68% of students are mainly financed by their relatives
  • 41% of students are looking for a job


are looking for a job


report low morale

  • 20% of students do not feel well integrated into their new university environment
  • 29% of students report low morale
  • 43% of students do not know where to go if they need a medical consultation

Responding to identified difficulties by developing appropriate tools

The data collected in the previous edition allowed Uni-Social to observe the following difficulties, more than half of Unifr students are regularly confronted with organizational concerns in the context of their studies (56% in 2021), more than half of Unifr students frequently experience difficulties in concentrating and memorizing (52% in 2021) almost half of Unifr students experience high levels of stress (49% in 2021), and one third of Unifr students regularly report fear and blockages (33% in 2021).

Based on this observation, Uni-Social has developed an online portal dedicated to learning strategies. This self-service portal offers tips, advice and tools for organization, planning, time management, stress management, concentration, note taking, etc. The creation of this portal is a new offer proposed by Uni-Social since May 2022 to all Unifr students. The topics available on this portal are in constant development and adapted to the needs identified through this survey.

Promoting well-being

The data collected in this survey reflects the feelings and concerns of newly enrolled students at Unifr. The observations made allow Uni-Social to base itself on concrete and identified needs in order to objectively reflect on how to improve the quality of the support services and offers.

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