Design and graphics programming for game developement

Teacher(s): Rigamonti Maurizio
Level: Master
Type of lesson: Lecture, Exercise
Language(s): English
Semester(s): SP-2023
This class will give all the theoretical fundamentals to design, develop and evaluate videogames. Those principles will make the participants aware of user-centric development. Furthermore, the students will acquire the technical knowledge required to integrate advanced methods for rendering real-time 2D computer graphics and techniques currently used in game development. In this context, students will develop simple games, by developing an idea, producing a design document, and by implementing the interactive application.

Training aims

On successful completion of this module, you will able to:
- Design videogames and graphical user interfaces;
- Evaluate concepts and prototypes;
- Develop graphical and interactive applications;
- Optimize software and, in particular, graphical user interfaces;
- Understand the different components of a game engine;
- Include in your design commonly used algorithms for videogames.