• Tentative Topics
    • Self-supervised domain adaptation for historical documents using deep learning (CNNs) (Master)
    • Classification of large scale cancer patient tissue images using deep learning (CNNs) (Master)
    • Ground truth visualization project for machine learning experiments (Bachleor)


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  • Ongoing Master Projects
    • Salim Hermidas - Reimplementation and Extension of DivaServices
    • Alain Schaller - Sterile-Zone Perturbations Recognition
  • Ongoing Bachelor Projects
    • Max Haller - Ground truth refinement for DIVAHisDB
    • Yannis Laaroussi - Data processing of tumour and t-cell detections
  • Finished Projects (Selection)


    • Gwenael Gendre - Graph-Based Keyword Spotting in Ancient Greek Papyri
    • Fabrice Prince - Deep Learning Approach for Epithelium Segmentation in Cancer Image Analysis
    • Pablo Wey - Graph Matching for Ground Truthing Chu Nom Characters
    • Peguy Njoyim Tchoubith - Machine learning experiments in document image analysis


    • Carl Balmer - Tackling the Hanabi Challenge: Reinforcement Learning for a Cooperative Card Game
    • Joel Niklaus - Building a Super-Human Artificial Intelligence for the Swiss Card Game Jass
    • Dominic Kohler - Popularity Prediction of Reddit Posts
    • Jannis Wallau - Classification of Intestinal Glands using Graph Neural Networks
    • Sven Wallau - Transfer Learning for Intestinal Gland Segmentation
    • Manuel Drazyk - OCR Constrained Historical Document Synthesis with GANs
    • Matteo Badarocco - A POS Tagger Comparison between Prose Text and Poetry
    • Marion Schöneweid - Graph representations for H&E Whole Slide Images of Colorectal Cancer
    • Jonas Diesbach - Synthetization of Nom characters
    • Tanja Küry - Preserving Biodiversity in the Chinko Natural Reserve
    • Gwenael Gendre - Character Spotting in Ancient Greek Papyrus