The counselling services of the Family Institute

Our counselling team at the Family Institute offers a wide range of services for couples, families and teenagers. We provide these services to give everyone the opportunity to access scientifically sound information in an uncomplicated and unbureaucratic way.

We are a interdisciplinary team and specialised in family psychology and family law. We offer outpatient psychological and legal counselling as well as (family) mediation.



Our offer in detail

  • Legal counselling

    Please note: We only offer legal counselling in German and French


    Legal counselling for couples and families

    We answer all kind of questions about family law, ranging from marriage and divorce law (e.g. custody, care arrangements, maintenance) to children and adult protection law. Our services also include legal counselling concerning the cohabitation of same-sex and unmarried couples.

    One session costs CHF 50.


    Legal counselling for young people

    We also offer legal counselling especially for young people and children. No matter if you encounter challenging situations at home or at school or if your parents are about to divorce. We are at your side to inform you about the court proceedings as well as your procedural rights.

    Legal counselling for young people will not be charged.



    Dr. iur. Gisela Kilde

    Institute for Family research and counseling (IFF)

    Rue de Faucigny 2
    CH-1700 Freiburg
    T: +41 26 300 76 53

  • Psychological counselling

    The psychological counselling services at the Family Institute are available to parents, couples as well as children and adolescents. Counselling is provided on parenting questions, partnership problems and personal issues.


    Certain supplementary insurances contribute to the costs. So do not hesitate to enquire with your health insurance company in advance.


    Children and adolescents, parents and individuals:

    A session of 50 minutes costs CHF 120. A reduction can be granted to persons with low income.


    One session of 60 minutes costs CHF 150.


    Psychological reports

    Costs according to expenditure.



    Dr. phil. Annette Cina

    Institute for Family research and counseling (IFF)

    Rue de Faucigny 2
    CH-1700 Freiburg
    T: +41 26 300 73 53

  • Family mediation

    Please note: We only offer family mediation in German and French


    Family mediation

    We help couples and families to discuss their differences using conflict resolution methods. The aim of mediation is to discuss together and I possible to find an agreement or to at least restore the communication.

    Family mediation can be useful as an alternative or as a supplement to court proceedings, as it offers help in an area of human life that is not accessible to the law.

    Family mediation is suitable, for example, in the case of disputes in the family, separation or divorce, difficulties with visitation and custody rights.

    Mediation is also possible between parents and their teenagers.

    If desired, co-mediation with the assistance of a psychologist is also possible.

    Mediation costs CHF 150 per session.