The Institute for Family Research and Counseling (IFF) is an interdisciplinary team specializing in developmental psychology and family law. It has three main focuses:

The Family Institute is aimed at both researchers and students, professionals and families. Its offer includes courses, internships, thesis directions, conferences and counseling and therapies sessions.



In a 20-year research tradition, the Family Institute has already implemented a number of interesting projects. Interdisciplinarity is a priority in its research activity. At the same time, it conducts numerous disciplinary projects on the different life stages in the family.



The university teaching is primarily aimed at students who are interested in interdisciplinary teaching events within family sciences. A combination of theory and practice is our goal.

The Family Institute team uses its extensive expertise to offer a wide range of continuing education opportunities for professionals. Interdisciplinary and disciplinary continuing education, as well as professional days on the different phases of life within families are organized.


Counseling and Therapy

The counseling and therapy center at the Family Institute offers ambulatory help for children, teenagers, parents, couples and adults. These include legal advice. Psychological counseling and psychotherapy.

For couples, parents, children and adolescents, there are courses, an individual consultation and the possibility of psychotherapy. Free offers with new media complete the support spectrum in educational questions.