1st Swiss Animal-Environmental Ethics Network Meeting

The University of Fribourg Environmental Sciences and Humanities Institute (UniFR_ESH Institute) at the Department of Geography and the SNSF PRIMA research group of Angela Martin at the Philosophy Department of the University of Basel are happy to announce the first "Swiss Animal-Environmental Ethics Network Meeting”. The meeting will take place on 3rd of November 2022 at the University of Fribourg (Campus Pérolles).

Issues related to animal and environmental ethics are increasingly at the center of political, societal, and academic debates. In times of emerging zoonotic disease outbreaks and climate change, the question of what humans owe to nature and animals is one of the most pressing issue humanity is currently facing. In Switzerland, research in both fields is undertaken at several institutions and different faculties and research groups that share common challenges and overlapping research interests. 

The goal of this meeting and hopefully future meetings is to facilitate networking between different institutions and researchers working in the field of animal and/or environmental ethics in Switzerland. The goal of this one-day meeting is to give researchers in these fields an opportunity to present and inform each other about their ongoing and future projects. Furthermore, the event aims to establish new collaborations and synergies for research, teaching and funding opportunities, and facilitate an exchange about where future challenges lie with regards to the ethics of human-animal-environmental relations and other pressing environmental challenges.



3. November 2022

University of Fribourg

In collaboration with


Time Title
09:30 Welcome

Anna Deplazes Zemp, UZH - The normative force of relational environmental value

Matthias Eggel, UniFR & UniBAS - Limited aggregation for human-animal conflicts

Stephanie Schuster, UniBAS - Nature and Time: A Contribution to Environmental Aesthetics

10:55 Coffee break

Jędrzej K. Brzeziński, Graduate School for Social Research, Warsaw, Polen - Deleuze and Forests

Gaspard Lemaire, UniFR - Criminalizing Climate Inaction - A Proposal for a Law of Anthropocide 

Kathrin von Allmen, UZH - Advocating remedial responsibility for mitigating climate change harms

12:35  Lunch break 

Hanna Schübel, UniFR - Who should get to take credit? Investigating the role of corporations in carbon dioxide removal developments

Anna Wienhues, UZH - Just Burden-Sharing in Unjust Conditions: Who shall pick up the tab for interspecies justice?


Coffee break


Angela Martin, UniBAS - Beastly Politics / The Ethics of One Health 

Tristan Katz, UniFR - Taking wild animal suffering seriously in environmental management

Nico Müller, UniBAS - 3Rs and the Ethics of Transition


Coffee break


Ilias Voiron, UniFR - Individual Climate Duties VS Agent-Centered Prerogatives: A New Kind of Moral Dilemmas?

Friderike Spang, UniL - Compromising between incompatible principles: A dilemma for vegan activists

Ivo Wallimann-Helmer, UniFR - Presentation of Concept: NCCR Plan with transversial Animal-Environmental-Climate Ethics Module

18:00 Drinks & dinner


Registration for the event is closed.



  • Ivo Wallimann-Helmer, UniFR_ESH
  • Angela Martin, Department of Philosophy, University of Basel
  • Hanna Schübel, UniFR_ESH
  • Matthias Eggel, UniFR_ESH; Department of Philosophy, University of Basel



In case of questions, please email to hanna.schuebel@unifr.ch