About the UniFR_ESH

The University of Fribourg Environmental Sciences and Humanities Institute (UniFR_ESH Institute) was founded in July 2019. It is an interdisciplinary institute supported by all five faculties of the University of Fribourg. In its research and teaching it integrates all disciplines relevant to the environmental challenges of today, concerns of sustainability and questions relating to climate change governance.

The UniFR_ESH Institute is dedicated to research, teaching and continuing education in the interdisciplinary fields of environmental sciences and humanities with a special focus on environmental ethics. Through its teaching, consulting and publications the institute aims to make its research outputs accessible to the general public, including industry, public administration and national and international institutions. Within the University of Fribourg, it contributes to the promotion of synergies in teaching and research regarding environmental topics and sustainability.



The UniFR_ESH institute researches environmental challenges and methods for resolving ethical conflicts in the fields of the environment, sustainability and climate change from an ethical perspective. It places a particular emphasis on ethical issues arising in environmental practice and the challenges of normative environmental justice as well as the differentiation of responsibilities for environmental action.

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At the bachelor level, the UniFR_ESH institute coordinates three minors with the following specializations: Environmental Sciences, Environmental LawApplied Environmental Management. At the master level it is responsible for the M.Sc. program Environmental Sciences and Humanities. In all programs, the UniFR_ESH Institute teaches classes focusing on the ethical implications of environmental policy and action. Finally, connected to its research topics the UniFR_ESH Institute offers the possibility of doctoral studies in the Environmental Humanities.

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