Environmental Humanities Lunches

Environmental challenges are part of many areas of research and everyday life. The Environmental Humanities Lunches invite scientists and practitioners to critically reflect on their environmental challenges from the perspective of environmental ethics. After an introduction to the environmental challenge by our guests and a brief commentary from an ethical point of view, we offer a space for debate.

Confronted with an environmental challenge yourself and interested in a discussion? Contact us!

Lunches summer semester 2023


Medinat Malefakis (ETHZ): Climate change and social challenges in the Lake Chad region

28.03.2023 Martin Hoelzle (Uni Fribourg): Climate change and increased vulnerabilities in the Aral Sea region
25.04.2023 Ivan Madan (CHERI): The importance of focusing on extreme climate risks
09.05.2023 Joie Chowhury (ESCR-Net): The dangers of focusing on extreme climate risks