Published on 17.05.2022

Workshop: Ethical Challenges of Carbon Dioxide Removal

Things are moving fast in the field of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) and negative emission technologies. Research and development, demonstration, and implementation, as well as regulations and policy instruments are moving in parallel. This rapid development comes with uncertainties and concerns regarding ethical and sustainability implications of CDR. Besides these uncertainties, professionals and activists in many different sectors need to make decisions: Positions are sharpened, policies are written and agreements are crafted, funding is allocated, and projects are proposed, accepted, and implemented. In this dynamic set-up, ethical concerns should neither be brushed aside nor lead to paralysis. Instead, the sharing of knowledge, experiences and good practices across institutions and sectors can provide guidance, help understand each other’s concerns and strengthen collaboration towards a sustainable and fair implementation of CDR.

Register until May 22nd for this hands-on workshop on the ethical aspects of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) on June 9th, 2022.

Who can partipate?

The workshop is open to practitioners, activists, policy makers, politicians, consultants, communicators, journalists, researchers, and representatives of civil society and administration who are active or interested in the field of negative emission technologies (NETs).

Workshop details

Participants will gain insight and exchange on ethical dimensions of CDR, and their relevance to their work and activities. In an interactive format, participants and facilitators will share experiences, insights, and good practices – as well as implications for decision making under uncertainty.

The workshop is facilitated by the University of Fribourg Environmental Sciences and Humanities Institute (UniFR_ESH), Risk-Dialogue Foundation, and the Swiss Carbon Removal Platform – and supported by the City of Zurich.

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