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Workshop: Animals, Compassion and Conservation

Academic or specialist Lecture
07.02.2023 - 09.02.2023

The Environmental Sciences and Humanities Institute at the University of Fribourg (UniFR_ESH) is happy to announce the workshop “Animals, Compassion and Conservation: Ethics and Scientific Methods Relating to Wild Animals, Their Welfare and Conservation”. The event will be held online on the 7th-9th of February 2023.

This workshop will bring together those looking at wild animals with an interest in conservation and animal welfare in order to discuss how their interests should be included in conservation, and how we can care for wild animals in general. The event will be divided into three sections; first, on animal welfare in conservation practice; second, on arguments for and against compassionate conservation, and third, on ethical perspectives on what we owe to wild animals.

When? 07.02.2023    -    09.02.2023
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