Corentin Aurèle Wicht

Data Scientist
Direction des services IT

PER 21 bu. D504
Bd de Pérolles 90
1700 Fribourg
Heures de présence
PER 21, D504


Research Interests

My research goal is to investigate the contribution of expectations effects to the cognitive enhancing properties attributed to psychostimulants. Using specific designs, I'll be able to distinguish between pure pharmacological effects of a substance separately from the mere effects of expectations. To that purpose, I will approach this question using multimodal techniques ranging from psychological (e.g. cognitive tasks, psychological questionnaires) to physiological (e.g. cardiovascular, biomarkers) and neurophysiological (e.g. electroencephalography, EEG) assessments. In parallele, I am currently developping a MATLAB-based statistical tool for automated preprocessing and analysis of resting-state EEG data.