Continuing Education Commission

In order to relieve the financial burden on the scientific staff of the University of Fribourg in the context of their continuing education activities, support in the form of a fixed expense allowance (partial cost reimbursement) can be applied for from the CSWM continuing education fund.
The application for reimbursement of continuing education costs must be submitted to the representative of the respective faculty in the Continuing Education Commission.

  • Applications
    • The regulations and appendix have been read in full;
    • The relevant event did not take place more than 2 months ago (cut-off date is the date of submission of the application);
    • The Excel spreadsheet has been completed and the necessary amounts and information provided (see the regulations);
    • The costs are reimbursable in accordance with the regulations and Annex I;
    • The receipts have been collated, numbered and inserted into the Excel spreadsheet;
    • Each amount shown is adequately supported;
    • All receipts in foreign currencies are supported by a bank or credit card statement in CHF. Otherwise, they are converted at the daily exchange rate of the payment (foreign currency calculator here);
    • The following documents must also be enclosed;
      • A copy of the campus card;
      • A confirmation of enrolment as a doctoral student or a confirmation of payment for the annual amount of the CSWM.
      • A confirmation of participation or a flyer of the event;
    • The costs requested for reimbursement reach the minimum reimbursable amount of CHF 100;
    • The application relates to a single event only;
    • The Excel spreadsheet was sent by email to the responsible faculty representative (see the Continuing Education Committee);
    • The declaration of honor was filled in;
    • The declaration of honor and supporting documents were sent by email to the responsible faculty representative(s) (see the Continuing Education Commission).



    Any change of address or change of the bank details provided between the submission of the application and the payment of the amount must be notified to the responsible faculty representative.

  • Documents