Submit application

Compliance with the regulations and the information in the application form are decisive for the acceptance or rejection of a funding application. Applications submitted complete and on time will be examined by the "Action Fund" Commission.
Applications for funding must be submitted by e-mail to the representative of the respective faculty in the "Action Fund" Commission in the course of the project or event.
The amount granted per funding application is generally a maximum of CHF 200.00 per individual and year or CHF 1,000.00 per organisation of an event; the latter may be exceeded in exceptional cases. The total amount of the Action Fund is determined by the CSWM General Assembly within the framework of the budget and amounted to CHF 5,000.00 for 2017.

  • Anträge

    Applications submitted after the start of the project or event will be rejected. The application must include the following documents:

    • Fully completed application form as editable PDF document and signed form as PDF document;
    • Proof of registration as a doctoral student or transfer of the annual CSWM contribution of CHF 40.00;
    • Copy of the CAMPUS-CARD;
    • Project description (max. 2'000 characters);
    • Budget/financing plan;
    • Letter of motivation (max. 2'000 characters);
    • Original receipts must be submitted no later than 30 days after completion of the project or event.
  • Dokumente

Submission deadlines

  • 31 March (for projects and events from 1 April to 30 September)
  • 30 September (for projects and events from 1 October to 31 March)