Mediation Service

The Mediation Service

Especially for doctoral students and when writing the dissertation, conflicts or disagreements in the workplace can be difficult. For these and similar problems, the Rectorate, in cooperation with the CSWM, created the Mediation Service of the University of Fribourg in autumn 2017.
The Mediation Service is available to the entire university community. Its aim is to prevent and accompany conflicts in the interest of a good learning, teaching and working climate at the university. The members of the Service are independent, in particular vis-à-vis other organs of the university.

Task and purpose of the Mediation Service

The mediation service offers neutral and confidential counselling. It tries to find amicable solutions and does not have any decision-making authority. After contact has been established, it first invites the member of the university community concerned to a personal meeting and offers its advice. With the consent of the persons involved, she/he makes herself/himself available in conflict situations to find an amicable solution. If necessary, he/she may make a recommendation.

Mediation Service of the University of Fribourg

Conflicts and discrimination in the workplace

Are you going through a conflict? Are you in a hostile, codependent relationship? Have all your attempts at mediation failed? Have you been the victim of discrimination or harassment? Has your personality or dignity been violated?

In this case, do not hesitate to look for help.

Dealing with conflicts and discrimination