As a member of the CSWM body, you are informed and networked, can benefit from its services, participate in its member events as well as be elected to university committees and thereby actively shape the position of the Mittelbau and become involved in university politics.

Our members

All academic staff working at the University of Fribourg are members of the CSWM body.
These include, regardless of whether they are funded by the state, third-party funding or the SNSF:

  • Academic staff
  • Graduate Assistants
  • Research Assistants and Junior Researchers
  • Doctoral assistants
  • Teaching and research councillors
  • Lecturers
  • Medical Assistants
  • Senior assistants
  • Research librarians
  • Become a member

    By law, all academic staff members belong to the CSWM.

    To benefit from CSWM offers such as the continuing education fund, however, it may be necessary to pay the membership fee:

    • For academic staff enrolled at the University of Fribourg, the annual membership fee (CHF 40.00) is included in the enrolment fees.
    • Academic staff not enrolled at the University of Fribourg may pay the annual membership fee of CHF 40.00 into the CSWM postal account.

    The membership fee is paid once per academic year (by reception of the annual letter).

  • Status in the university

    If there are any uncertainties regarding the status at the university, this can be checked quickly and easily using the application opposite. To do this, you need to log in using the SWITCH AAI login.

    • "Staff“ but not “Student“:
      Employed at the university but not enrolled. In order to benefit from advantages such as the continuing education fund, payment of the membership fee of CHF 40.00 is required.
    • "Staff" and "Student":
      Employed and enrolled at the university. The membership fee is included in the registration fees and does not have to be paid.
    • Not "Staff"
      Unfortunately not a CSWM member. No access to the offers of the CSWM even with (incorrect) payment of the membership fee. 

Postkonto 17-11476-2

IBAN: CH92 0900 0000 1701 1476 2


Check status 

The eduid website displays your status at the University of Fribourg.