Tasks of the Committee

The committee represents the professional and scientific interests of the more than 1000 scientific employees within the University of Fribourg as well as towards political authorities and the public. It deals with the ongoing business of the CSWM, carries out mandates from the General Assembly, follows and influences educational policy developments at cantonal and national level, informs CSWM members about topics relevant to the middle level and organises member events.
The permanent tasks of the committee include:


The committee actively communicates with its members, informs them about university and higher education policy matters and is available to them for questions and problems. To promote mutual exchange, it organises regular member events. It also ensures that university and non-university committees respond to enquiries relating to the mid-level sector and drafts statements on university consultations and education policy issues.

Commission work

In order to maintain and improve the position of scientific employees at the University of Fribourg, the committee promotes the participation of mid-level faculty in university committees. It elects the delegates and is available as a contact person.

Continuing education

The continuing education of scientific staff is a special concern. An independent committee manages the CSWM continuing education fund of the University of Fribourg, which provides financial support to CSWM members in the context of their continuing education activities (reimbursement of expenses).

Committees are also elected in the individual faculties, whose primary task is to represent the interests of the academic staff within the faculty. The presidents of the CSWM of the faculties are also ex officio members of the CSWM committee and thus ensure cooperation and the exchange of information between the latter and the faculties.