A2 Français langue étrangère: compétences écrites et orales II


Registrations open from two weeks before the beginning of the semester of the university.


Tuesday 15:15 - 17:00 room 1.16 MIS 10

Locations University of Fribourg, Language Center

19.02.2024 - 31.05.2024


FREE for Unifr students and staff; CHF 500.– per semester for members of partner institutions

Type Séminaire - 3 ECTS
Language(s) French
Code I04.00005-SP24
Target audience

This course is for participants who have completed level A1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Please only register if your level corresponds to the course. Participants of our partner institutions and Unifr employees can contact us to take a placement test if they are unsure of their level. Unifr students are automatically guided to the placement test when registering for a course on MyUnifr.


Target Audience
This course is open to all students and staff members of the University of Fribourg and its partner institutions.

Course contents and Teaching Method
The course focuses on developing written and oral skills in everyday situations that require regular practice, including homework assignments.

The types and genres of discourse covered are diverse, including newspaper articles, conversations, debates, websites, radio interviews, radio chronicles, brochures, job offers, resumes, internship offers, forums, radio journals, reader letters, biographical testimonies, street interviews, miscellaneous news, travel journals, social media messages, recipes, job interviews, and more.

Grammar is not the main objective of this course (a separate A2 level grammar course exists), but it may be occasionally addressed to meet the needs of the course. For example, learning the past tense (passé composé) will be necessary to situate a fact in the past.

Group work, pair work, or individual work will be offered.

Workload and Evaluation
This course requires regular homework (approximately 1 hour per week).

To pass the course, attendance of at least 80% of the sessions and successful completion of the exams offered during the semester are mandatory.

For this course, you need to purchase the textbook L'atelier+ A2 , available at the Librophoros bookstore located next to the Language Center.

ISBN: 978-2-278-10472-7


Expectations at the completion of level A2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Oral Comprehension and Expression Skills

You can perform simple everyday tasks (going shopping, asking for information, using public transportation, asking for directions...). You can use common exchange and politeness formulas. You are capable of narrating a past event. You can describe your daily life (activities, surroundings, hobbies, habits). You can understand and follow a simple conversation. You talk about your preferences (why you like or dislike something). You understand directions.

Written Comprehension and Expression Skills

You can understand a personal letter and respond to it (invitations, apologies, expressions of gratitude). You know how to link your sentences with linking words. You are able to write about your likes and dislikes.


The General Conditions for Participation in Language Courses apply.


Cartron-Makardidjian Chake

About the registration

During the first class, the link to the Moodle course along with the password will be provided to you.