TCF Tout Public - Test de connaissance du français

The Language Centre of the University of Fribourg is an examination centre for the TCF Tout Public (TP) sur ordinateur (SO) - Test de connaissance du français.

The TCF, an accredited examination of the French Ministry of Education, is a French language proficiency examination for non-native speakers of French, including persons not registered at the university, who wish to have their level of proficiency evaluated and certified for professional, academic or personal reasons.


Language CentreRue de Rome 1
CH - 1700 Fribourg
Tel. +41 (0)26 300 79 60

  • Test types and exam fees
    1. Compulsory examinations on computer: approximately 90 minutes
      • Listening (CO)
      • Proficiency in language structures (SL)
      • Reading (CE)

    2. Optional examinations
      • Speaking (EO)  12 minutes
      • Writing (EE)   60 minutes


    You may choose and combine the different components according to the options below:



    TCF Tout Public - CO, SL, CE, EE, EO

    CHF 300.-

    TCF Tout Public - CO, SL, CE

    CHF 155.-

    TCF Tout Public - CO, SL, CE, EE

    CHF 230.-

    TCF Tout Public - CO, SL, CE, EO

    CHF 230.-

    TCF Tout Public - EE *

    CHF 100.-

    TCF Tout Public - EO *

    CHF 100.-

    TCF Tout Public - EE, EO*

    CHF 165.-

    * These options require a valid certificate showing that you have passed the required tests (CO/SL/CE)

  • Exam procedures

    For further information, please consult the website of TCF - Tout Public | France Education international where you can access to the manual for candidates.

  • TCF Tout Public for access to French nationality

    For the application for French nationality, the TCF Tout Public is recognised if the compulsory examinations (CO, SL, CE) and the optional examinations (EE, EO) are taken in the same session (one certificate with all sections).

  • Practice resources

    How to prepare for it?

    Ressources TCF | France Education international

    Official preparation materials are also available at the Media Library of the Self-Access Centre.

  • Candidates with special needs

    Disabled candidates can benefit from individual exam measures. Please click on the following link to inform you about the procedure: Je veux déclarer un handicap