The Language Centre is a Service Centre attached to the Rectorate of the University. Our main mission is to offer a wide range of language courses that are specifically adapted to the academic context, in order to strengthen the institutional bilingualism of the University of Fribourg and empower its members to succeed in a multilingual academic environment, both locally and internationally.

Our current offer includes courses in German, English, French and Italian and is aimed at students and staff of the university, as well as members of our various partner institutions.

Our courses are adapted to the needs of our different target audiences and are subject to regular and rigorous evaluation. Our teachers are highly qualified experts who use innovative and interactive methods to best help you develop your communication skills.

Our courses bring together participants from all across the university, thus allowing learners to share their encounter members of other disciplines and other professions. From the start of the academic year 2021, we have decided to extend our offer to persons outside of the University of Fribourg, in order to promote multilingualism beyond our institution and to share the joy of language learning with new audiences.


The statutes regulate the duties, structure, organisation, and competencies of the Language Centre.

Multi-year planning

The activities and strategic priorities for the period 2023-2027 are set out in our multi-year planning.

Multi-year planning 2023-2027 (bilingual German/French)

Annual reports

The annual report contains information about the activities of the Language Centre.

Our offer