Since its reorganization in 2008, the Language Centre of the University of Fribourg has been an organizational unit under Rectorate Service. Welcoming more than 2000 students from all faculties per academic year, the Language Centre offers language courses to all members of the university, from students to staff. In addition to its diverse range of language courses, it has an integrative function for the university since it brings learners from all fields of study and levels of education together.

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The Language Centre celebrates 10 years

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Language courses during the semester and intensive courses

The main mission of the Language Centre is the design and delivery of courses and other opportunities to learn languages for the development of academic language skills in selected foreign languages. During the semester, the Language Centre offers language courses in German, English, French and Italian, which are free of charge for all course participants. At the advanced levels in particular specific language skills and competencies are developed which enable students to be able to speak confidently and competently within the scope of the academic environment of a university.
In addition to the semester courses, we offer two to three-week intensive courses in the two main university languages of German and French. These language courses are fee-based and begin shortly before the start of semester in order to help prepare students for their studies at the university.

Programme «bilingue plus»
With its «bilingue plus» programme (unique to Switzerland), the Language Centre offers students of the Faculty of Law the opportunity to obtain language training for their specific academic and professional purposes alongside their studies in the discipline.

Autonomous language learning
In addition to the development of foreign language skills through its language courses, the Language Centre has another mission: to support independent language learning. In the self-study centre students have access to independent language learning materials for more than 60 foreign languages. Students can undertake guided self-study projects to improve their language proficiency, and if desired, individual support on how to learn a language independently can be provided. There is also the opportunity to arrange a language learning partner (tandem) to practise using the language through conversation.

Language competency check
The Language Centre’s fourth area of responsibility lies in the evaluation of language skills. Together with the examination centre for the «Test de connaissance du français» and the «Zertifikate des Goethe Instituts», the Language Centre offers both internal and external students the chance to gain an internationally-recognised language certification. 

The quality of the teaching and learning course offer is supported by different methods, e.g. through needs analysis to the conception and design of new courses, online placement tests to ensure a similar level of ability in every class, course evaluations to assess the degree of learner satisfaction as well as academic reflection in order to critically evaluate teaching methods.
On a final note, the further professional development of teachers is encouraged and promoted in order to enhance their pedagogic skills in the classroom. Our main goal here is to optimise the quality of learner output, i.e. improved language proficiency.