User Guide

You will need an active user account at the University of Fribourg. Access to the computers at the Self-Access Centre for language learning is only possible with your user name and personal password. Please keep your password secret. Please also note that the Self-Access Centre is not an Internet-Café: use of the computers must be related to language learning.

The following media can be used for language learning on the computers:

  • Preinstalled language learning software on the PCs
  • CDs from the Self-Access Centre to be installed or consulted: take the empty CD box on the CD shelf and ask for the CD at the supervisor's desk
  • Internet for language learning (e.g. free online courses, research, projects)
  • E-mail: e.g. correspondence in foreign languages or for a tandem (web access only through Internet Explorer)

Restrictions: except for language-learning purposes, you are not allowed to:

  • install other software than that provided by the Self-Access Centre
  • download large data-sets from the Internet (e.g. photos, music, and videos/movies)

A major violation of these guidelines can lead to the blocking of your account. If in doubt about the guidelines, please ask the supervisor at the desk. Those responsible for the Self-Access Centre have the right to conduct inspections.

When you finish studying, please log off (click "start", then "log off").


Use of the premises of the Self-Access Centre is subject to the following:

Regulations of the Library for Foreign Languages and Multilingualism