Online Resources

At the Self-Access Centre for Language Learning you can find detailed information about how to learn a language on your own. Our wide range of resources will enable you to refresh and to develop your language skills according to your own interests.

Online search tool

With our own search tool you can search for all learning material from the Self-Access Centre according to level, skills (e.g. speaking, listening, reading, writing), text type, and a range of other categories. You can then try out your skills in our Self-Access Centre. With a simple mouse-click you can choose your desired learning material and export as a PDF or Excel file.

Moodle platforms

Three seperate Moodle rooms support you with your self-directed learning in German, French and English. These rooms also offer general information about self-directed learning, which will help you in studying other languages. You can access this content by logging into Moodle and then registering for the Moodle rooms.

Moodle platform for learning French Authentication is required

Moodle platform for learning English Authentication is required

Moodle platform for learning German Authentication is required