The University of Fribourg is committed in its charter to promoting a society that respects ethical principles and fulfils the demands of social justice. To that end, the University makes every effort to offer the best possible conditions for study, research and work. 

This means that Uni-Social is there to support you if ever you face a difficult situation, and offers the following types of help:

Financial aid

Uni-Social can provide you with financial support. This financial support from the University of Fribourg is not subject to reimbursement. Complete the form and we will assess your budget. Depending on your monthly needs, we can help you if your income is insufficient, or to cover expenses on an ad hoc basis. It is also possible to request a reduction in the registration fee.

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We can offer you support if you experience personal, family, financial or academic issues.

We can help strengthen and develop your skills. We work to define objectives.

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We  offer advice on administrative or legal procedures, as well as insurance, access to health care, scholarships, and budget management, etc.

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In the event of a dispute or conflict, we are there to support you on a confidential basis to help find a solution, or reconcile the parties involved.

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Our mission

Our services are intended for all students and employees at the University of Freiburg.

We can provide personal, professional, administrative or financial support, or refer you to the most appropriate people.

Our aim is to help you as best as possible according to your own individual capacities, wants and needs.


Rue Techtermann 8

RGT01 - Centre Fries

CH - 1700 Fribourg


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