Our Services

We are here to help you get research funding.

RPS supports researchers at the UniFr at all academic levels, from PostDocs to full Professors. Funding sources include the SNSF, EU, Foundations and bilateral programmes. We help researchers and SMEs from the cantons of Fribourg and Valais.

We will support you in all research related topics including Search for funds, proposal support Open Science and more.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Search for Funds

    Including national, European and worldwide.

    • Advice concerning funding programmes
    • Finding the right financial instrument for your needs
    • Advertisements of calls regarding funding opportunities
    • Informing about upcoming events

  • Proposal Support
    • Proposal preparation help, including:
      • Scientific content (pre-screening, particularly summary, contributions to state of the art, timeframe, significance of planned research).
      • Administrative content (budget, salaries, strategic questions).
    • Organizing training events

  • Euresearch Mandate
    • Information and advice about participation in European funding programmes.
    • Assistance with applications to the European programmes (including pre-screening of proposals).
    • Support with contract , administrative and financial reporting.
    • Facilitation of innovation partnerships in Europe

  • Open Science
    • Informing recent Open Science development
    • Research Data Management events
    • Data Management Plan (DMP) support
    • Open access publications, events, including the UniFr support Fund
    • Support with electronic PhD Thesis publication on ReroDoc

  • Communication
    • 'Insights' news letters
    • Research news
    • Prizes and distinctions
    • Online Research / Researcher Portals

  • Academic Career Advice
    • Advising researchers at early career stage (from PhD) regarding future academic possibilities
    • PhD/Postdoc portal