Work Type in ORCID

ORCID allows you to classify your publications into different types (work types). These range from scientific publications to artistic performances and newspaper articles.

In order to simplify the list, the types are grouped into categories or work categories.

When you enter your works, you assign them a work type.

This work type can then be used to filter works of the same type.

Work Types et Work Category supported in ORCID

How to manage your work in ORCID

Which worktypes to use

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How it works in MyUnifr

In MyUnifr, you can create one or more lists of publications that will appear in your profile.

  1. Several scenarios are possible:
  2. Simpler scenario: grouping all the publications under one single list
    Most successful scenario: create several separate lists by filtering by work types

Here is an example corresponding to scenario 2. The teacher wants three lists:

  1. his scientific works in book form,
  2. his interventions in scientific journals
  3. and his interventions for the general public.

He thus creates three lists:

  1. A Book list whose filter includes work type book, book-review and book-chapter for example.
  2. A Journals list whose filter includes the work types journal-article, journal-issue, magazine-article for example.
  3. A list of public interventions whose filter includes work such as newspaper-article, lecture-speech, artistic-performance for example.

Step by step

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