Content types in MyUnifr

In MyUnifr you can upload one or more types of content.

The type depends on the way you manage your publications and the available formats.


You can combine one or more lists that will appear in your profile, and each list can be the same or of a different type.


The University recommends managing your publications with ORCID.

Types available

1. BibTex

This is a standard, standardized format that most bibliographic management programs can generate when you choose the Export option.

This allows you to generate a BibTex file and import it into your profile. It will be processed and listed in the directory.


This is the type recommended by the University of Fribourg. This allows you to retrieve some or all of your work entered in ORCID without having to re-enter it.

The use of this type requires you to have previously entered your ORCID in your profile.

3. PDF

If you have not entered your works and publications in a software or database but you have a text list (Word or other), you can generate a PDF and place it in your profile.

4. Text

As an alternative to PDF, you can enter or copy and paste your list in the HTML editor to display it directly in your profile. However, we recommend ORCID or BibTex which allows operations and ensures a correct presentation without having to re-enter the books.

5. Unibook

Unibook lists the books with an ISBN. In general, these are books intended for a general public or a targeted audience. Two methods are available: all the books entered (by you or by others) in the module and which concern you, or a collection, i.e. a list that you will have built up by choosing from the books entered.

More information about Unibook