How to import works in ORCID 

To optimize the automatic update of your profile: (See the screenshot)

  • Add your affiliation and variants of your name.
  • Connect ORCID

There are four ways to add publications to ORCID:

  1. Add works from another systems Screenshot
  2. Adding works using another identifier Screenshot
  3. Adding works with a BibTeX file  Screenshot
  4. Add works manually  Screenshot


Make sure that you eliminate duplicates or Remove duplicate entries   Screenshot

You can grant permission to one or more trusted individuals to update your ORCID record   Screenshot



Basic Operations

How to import works into ORCID

Optimize your profile, import jobs in different ways. 

 20 min

How to import works into ORCID  (PDF)

How to group works on your ORCID record

 2 min

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How to import works into your ORCID record using a Search & Link wizard

 2 min

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