ORCID: Publish your Bibliography

ORCID - Open Researcher and Contributor - (https://orcid.org) provides a persistent digital identifier (an ORCID iD) throughout the career for all persons involved in research, innovation or academic activities.  The ORCID ID is a unique alphanumeric code assigned to the researcher's name.

ORCID allows you to:

  • solve author name ambiguity in scientific publications
  • minimizing the time spent by the researcher filling out forms and personal information
  • increase visibility with the international scientific communities
  • foster operability with numerous institutions, funders and publishers as well as data providers.

Get your unique ORCID identifier and distinguish yourself. It’s free, only takes a minute and you will always have access to your ORCID records.

University of Fribourg recommends creating the ORCID identifier and link it to the researcher's edu-iD and the unifr directory via my.unifr.ch

SNSF and ERC funding bodies generally require the applicants to have an ORCID iD or similar permanent research ID.




FUTURA is a database containing information related to research activities (projects, publications, presentations) at Fribourg University.

  • The relevant information is captured and updated by the researchers.
  • The maintenance is assured by the Research Promotion Service.
  • The data is assembled in research groups, which are attributed to the university departments and faculties. This structure is visible under the menu item "Browse research groups".


FUTURA is part of the researchportal.ch of the Universities of Basel, Berne, Lucerne, St Gall, Svizzera italiana, Zurich and the ETH Zurich.

Contact person - Questions regarding FUTURA account

Ms. Tatjana Matic

Contact person:

Dr Juliette VUILLE
+41 26 300 73 41


You can contact us  if you wish to organise an informative session for a small research group