Open Science

Open Science ensures free access not only to research publications (Open Access) but also to other research-related resources such as data, lab notes, methods and metadata. Open Science has the potential of increasing the opportunities for research and innovation collaboration and, in general, of enhancing the efficiency and quality of research.

Open Data                               

Advice on organising your research data and long-term archiving of data.

Open Access 

Free and unrestricted access to scientific research output via the Internet.

Publishing Thesis Online                   

"How can I make my PhD Thesis available online?"

ORCID: Publish your Bibliography

ORCID is an interesting opportunity that allows maintaining a publically accessible bibliography.


University of Fribourg has an array of libraries offering extensive services.

Research related publications

University of Fribourg research accomplishments and results are highlighted in the scientific magazine Universitas and in the internal online magazine Alma&Georges.

Ethical research                                 

The University of Fribourg takes plagiarism very seriously and is committed to ensuring that it is detected and dealt with appropriately.