Innovation and entrepreneurship are important keystones in improving the quality of life of the society.

The University of Fribourg Promotes the researchers in transitioning their fundemental researche to commersialized product, as well as supporting entrepreneual activities and collaboration with private industries.

TechTransfer & Contracts

TechTransfer Fribourg, the technology
transfer office of Fribourg University serves as the  link between academic research and companies.




Promoting Innovation

 The University of Fribourg promotes an innovation culture where creative ideas can be generated, evaluated, developed and transformed to achieve a valuable result.  This includes the teaching of entrepreneurship and innovation skills and support for the establishment of interdisciplinary, collaborative research projects.

For Companies

Enterprizes based in the Cantons of Fribourg and Valais can get advice and support for their participation in the European Research Programme from the Euresearch Promotion Service of the University of Fribourg, via the Euresearch Regional Office.